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ERT is easy to apply and works with both children and adults


A study* of ERT showed a significant reduction in distress for all participants 


ERT is significantly faster than most other therapies.

Emotional Response Therapy is a simple and effective therapeutic approach for treating psychological and emotional distress.

ERT is designed to reduce a person's emotional response to a distressing memory or thought.

Through both research and practice it has been found to be successful in helping treat psychological problems such as trauma, anxiety and phobias.


Become an ERT therapist

What is ERT?

ERT is a simple and effective therapy for both children and adults. Read how clients have experienced ERT therapy.

ERT in your practice

ERT is an easy therapy that can  help clients overcome psychological problems. Find out more about bringing ERT into your therapy practice.

An introduction to ERT from Nick Adams, ERT researcher & developer

What ERT clients say...

"I was amazed at how fast I felt a weight lift off my shoulders after only one session. Before the session, I found it difficult emotionally to recall the event but immediately after the session I felt more at peace and like I could talk about the situation without feeling overwhelmed; it felt amazing to feel progress after only one session. It's helped me learn to trust my mind and body's ability to shake off the feeling of panic and understand that it's just a temporary feeling so I don't need to go into fight or flight mode all the time. I cannot recommend ERT enough."


"After having to deal with a horrific case at work I underwent ERT. This enabled me to process the situation and continue with my role as a social worker in an effective manner. ERT meant I didn't have to discuss the situation thus not breaching GDPR but was able to get the support and intervention I required."

EC, Social Worker

"I am so grateful to have found Nick and to have been lucky enough to benefit from both Nick as a therapist and the unique, effective therapy that he has discovered and developed; ERT. I now have invaluable space in my mind and I feel much calmer. Nick provided a kind, safe and very understanding online environment for me to work through my past traumas and anxiety and he has given me the ability to take this special technique forward throughout life."


"The emotional trauma I have been carrying for the past 9 years was something I could not speak about without breaking down into floods of tears and struggling to breathe. What Nick achieved through ERT in just one session is unbelievable. All the emotion attached to that event has gone, which I cannot quite believe myself. How can something so heartbreakingly painful now just be a factual memory in less than an hour. Simply amazing.


"ERT worked so quickly, I could hardly believe it. It was easy for me to replicate for myself at home. After just two sessions I felt able to use ERT myself and it has changed how I respond to situations which would previously have made me feel anxious. 
I cannot thank Nick enough. If this technique could be used more by the NHS I am sure it would save time, money and reduce waiting lists. I am an ERT convert.


"It is so surprisingly strange for an emotion so strong to just disperse" TA
"It is so basic" TP
"All negative emotion has been stripped away" DG
"It's ridiculously simple" PC
"It is too easy and is astoundingly quick" JN

*ERT Study

A 23 person pilot study undertaken in 2023 demonstrated the efficacy of ERT. Participants aged between 13 to 70 presented with a range of psychological problems include trauma, anxiety and phobias.


Participants gave pre and post therapy SUD ratings and were evaluated against IES-R. They were followed up at one and three months to assess SUD and IES-R ratings post therapy. ERT was shown to significantly reduce participants distress and this was maintained across the one month and three month follow up points.

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