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About ERT

Nick Adams


Nick Adams


ERT researcher and developer

Nick has been studying psychology for over 33 years. He holds a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. He has been practicing therapy for over 25 years.

Nick established a successful private practice in 2002, working with people with trauma, anxiety disorders and depression. He has practiced EMDR since 2001. Having continued his training, he became an EMDR consultant and facilitator.

As a psychologist Nick has helped many people who have sought therapy. He further increased his knowledge and experience of therapy practice through the provision of supervision and facilitation on trainings.

"I have always critiqued anything I learn to look at how it works and whether it could be improved.


The development of ERT has led me in a new direction and I am excited to support colleagues to train in ERT so they can help more people reduce their emotional and psychological distress."



The ERT mission

More people than ever are seeking therapeutic support yet there is only ever a finite amount of resources and trained therapists. It is always possible to improve the therapy services we offer to the public by improving our understanding of psychological conditions and the therapies that can help people.

Emotional Response Therapy was developed with that in mind. I have many colleagues who provide tremendous care for the individuals with whom they work, however the waiting list seems to continually grow.

ERT was born out of a desire to better understand how people become traumatised and continue to feel emotional distress. This set me on a path of research to widen the scope of how we understand trauma and how we can treat it differently.

believe ERT can help us reach more people and improve the quality of their life, by supporting those that find it difficult to talk about trauma. 

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"We have a duty of care to continue to improve therapeutic support. If there is a way to help people overcome their distress in a shorter and more successful time frame then we should be offering clients that therapy. The application of ERT can help people significantly reduce both anxiety and distress." 



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